LeasingTeam successfully passed the Corporate Social Responsibility audit carried out by EcoVadis and received the Bronze CSR Certificate in June 2021.The company was among 50% of the highest rated organizations that follow the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility in their activities. The LeasingTeam certification process conducted by EcoVadis was aimed at determining the company's impact on the environment and checking whether it operates in an ethical and business-responsible manner. The audit covered the following issues: environmental protection, ethical issues and labor law, fair and transparent business and purchasing practices.


For the fourth time our company received the Certificate of Business Credibility. It has been given based on financial data from 2014. We are very pleased that D & B Poland honors us with this distinction another year in a row, assessing our position as strong. The group winners are companies with the highest and high stability


Transparency in doing business and prompt payment of financial obligations is no longer just a competitive advantage, but an obligation for companies that compete on the market for services. The confidence of our Clients, which we have earned over the past eight years, is fundamental to our success. As a confirmation of our credibility, since 11 June 2012 we have been members of the Trustworthy Company (Rzetelna Firma) initiative, which seeks to support companies in building their reputation and strengthening positive images.


Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 was successfully implemented in the company in 2007 and updated to ISO 9001:2015 in 2016. We have been given the Certificate attesting the compliance with the required standards by the Swiss ZURICH QS certification unit. The certificate is a confirmation of our activities which primary purpose is to provide highest quality level services. ISO 9001:2000 is a set of good work practices