Candidates' FAQ

1. What does the interview look like ?

During the interview, the recruiter will verify whether the candidate has the appropriate experience, skills and competences to perform the duties of the position, and whether they will fit into the company’s organizational culture. Thus, the person conducting the recruitment will ask questions concerning the candidate’s experience and skills, as well as their motivation and professional goals. Depending on the level of the position, during the meeting the candidate may receive tasks to perform, or tests, e.g. checking their knowledge of computer programs or a foreign language. The recruiter should inform the candidate or the agenda for the meeting when making the appointment.

2. Do you respond to all the applications you receive?

We only contact certain candidates – those whose application documents best fulfill the requirements described in the vacancy announcement.

3. Do you provide feedback to all candidates ?

Yes. Every participant in a recruitment interview should receive feedback on their participation in the process. The person conducting the interview will say when the candidate can expect this feedback, and will contact them within that timeframe.

4. How soon after applications are sent do you contact the selected candidates ?

We contact the selected candidates within about two weeks from the time the application is sent. However, it can happen that for various reasons, the process is extended.

5. What form of employment contract do you propose ?

The formal relationship is always determined individually and depends on the type of work to be performed. The company can offer employment under a code agreement (a form of work contract), a temporary work contract or a relationship based on civil-law agreements (short-term contracts known in Polish as umowa zlecenie or umowa o dzieło)

6. What positions are you hiring for ?

We’re looking for candidates for companies that are part of the LeasingTeam Capital Group, as well as for work with our clients. We have job offers for manual laborers, highly qualified professionals and white-collar workers – entry- and mid-level, as well as managers. We hire for work in all industries, including IT, and companies of all sizes. You can find our current job offers at

7. How can you help me to find work ?

We’re an employment agency, and every day we recruit workers to carry out projects for companies from various sectors, including IT. Send us your CV; we’ll add it to our base of candidates, and as soon as a vacancy arises that fits with your experience and skills, we’ll invite you to an interview.

8. What’s the best way to present myself to a potential employer?

First of all, take care in preparing your CV and cover letter: they’ll determine whether you’re invited to a later stage of the recruitment process. Don’t know what to do? Take a look at the Your Career section. If you’re invited for an interview, be sure to prepare for it – information on how to do that can also be found in the Your Career section.

9. How should I prepare for an interview ?

Remember to study the requirements presented in the job announcement and to gather as much information as you can about the company you’re applying to. Analyze your experience, skills and preparation for the position you’re applying for, and on this basis select the information that will be the most valuable from the recruiter’s point of view. Prepare a list of questions you may hear, and try to answer them. Think about the questions you can ask during the interview. You can find more tips in the Your Career section.