Payroll, is one of the most dynamically developing branches of outsourcing. Ordering payments, calculating contributions, controlling leaves and performing many other duties related to the operation of the HR and payroll system are tasks that take a lot of time. Now you don't have to do it yourself. All you need to do is outsource these duties to an external company that has many years of experience in this field..


Payroll outsourcing is an excellent solution especially for people who have difficulties in controlling corporate expenses and want to finally control their business budget. With the support of experienced and highly qualified specialists from LeasingTeam Group, running a business will become pure pleasure. But these are not the only advantages of HR and payroll services provided by experts! Find out more!


What exactly is payroll outsourcing?

HR and payroll services are part of the outsourcing offer, i.e. transferring the functions or tasks of the company to other, external companies. The scope covers many important areas of the company that directly affect its functioning. These are human resources and payroll services, under which you can count on support in:

  • monthly settlements of employees in accordance with applicable regulations,
  • calculating liabilities towards the Tax Office and the Social Insurance Institution,
  • transfer of data from the company's HR and payroll system to TETA,
  • controlling employee contracts,
  • handling certificates and other forms for employees.

As part of payroll outsourcing, you can also use the proprietary system - TalentPoint, which is intended for employees. With its help, the team can, for example, sign contracts of mandate, as well as submit vacation applications and check remuneration.


Thanks to the constant control of changes in the provisions regarding human resources, payroll, bookkeeping and payment of taxes, as well as improving the qualifications of our employees, we can guarantee professional and complete payroll and HR services at the highest level. We will take the burden of responsibility off your shoulders and make running your business as enjoyable as it used to be. With us you will save time and money and gain a number of additional benefits.


Benefits of outsourcing payroll and HR services

No more wondering if everything is paid on time and if each employee has received the right amount of wages. Thanks to HR and payroll services by external LeasingTeam experts, you will be able to focus on what is most important, i.e. developing your company. However, this is not the only advantage of outsourcing corporate documentation to an external company. In addition, payroll outsourcing will allow you to:

  • protect yourself against the consequences of your own mistakes made by employees of the accounting department, especially inexperienced people,
  • reduce the risk of arrears both towards the team, as well as ZUS and US,
  • control the company's budget, which in turn will significantly facilitate expenditure planning,
  • investments and building the so-called "safety cushions",
  • better protect employee data from theft and illegal use.

In addition, if you use our HR and payroll services, you can count on the support of specialists who can boast many years of experience and will certainly tell you what to do in a difficult situation..


Entrust HR and payroll services to trusted experts

Are you afraid of sharing data about employees and the company with someone else? Are you afraid to trust an external company? Being careful in this regard is very sensible! After all, improperly conducted HR and payroll services can have many serious consequences, not only financial. Delaying the payment of wages or delaying the payment of important invoices are situations that may contribute to the decline of employees' trust in you and reduce the reputation of your company. However, despite this, you cannot do everything yourself, even if you are a specialist in this field.


To be sure that everything will be completed on time and all information remains confidential, carefully verify the experts who offer comprehensive HR and payroll services. Check the experience and opinions and choose a competent company that has been trusted by many companies all over Poland for years. This is the best way to avoid the costly consequences of outsourcing HR and payroll services to someone who is unreliable. Doing so is also a guarantee of the safety of everyone who works for you.


When is it worth choosing external HR and payroll services??

Outsourcing payroll and HR services is an offer addressed primarily to small and medium-sized enterprises. Thanks to this solution, there is no need to create additional jobs in the company for people who would deal with HR and payroll services. This allows you to save money and spend it on the development of the enterprise.


Do you want to use payroll outsourcing? Contact us, and we will not only answer your questions, but also adjust the offer to the nature of your business and needs. Flexibility and professionalism are the key values of LeasingTeam. Check what we can do for you.

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