HRM Portal Guide

1. How do I file a leave request in the HRM ?

To file a leave request, choose the “Leave Requests” tab and click on “Leave Request.” Then choose the type of leave you wish to apply for: vacation, special circumstances, unpaid or parental, enter the date and click on “Submit for approval.” Your supervisor is automatically informed that you have submitted a request. It will remain active in the system for 28 days, after which it will be cancelled automatically. When your supervisor approves your leave, you will be informed by e-mail. If you want to file a request for “on-demand” leave, first choose vacation leave, then in the date fields, check the box marked “On-demand leave.” Still, you have to remember that for the request for on-demand leave to be effective, you need to inform your supervisor by telephone or e-mail about your expected absence from work. After your request is approved, you can be absent from work. In the case of requests for special-circumstance leave, you are required to fill out the “description” field, indicating why the request is being filed, and to supply the documentation required by the Labor Code. Only then can the request be accepted.

2. What are the functions of HRM?

The LeasingTeam HRM portal is a proprietary system for employees and service providers in HR and administration. The portal ensures real-time online access to data on employees and contractors, and allows reliable processing of vacation requests, documentation of work time and absences, access to employment certificates, pay slips and income-tax declarations.

3. How can I open an HRM account ?

The HRM portal is an HR/administrative system dedicated to the employees, contractors and clients of the LeasingTeam Capital Group, so they are the only ones who can have HRM accounts. To open your account, contact your LeasingTeam Capital Group Coordinator. To create an account, you’ll need to provide your e-mail address.

4. How do I log on to the HRM portal?

You log on via our website, In the upper right-hand corner, click on “HRM Portal” and you’ll see a box where you can log in. When logging in, you’ll need to provide the following data: • Username • Identification number • A password you set yourself

5. Why can’t I log on to the HRM ?

If you’re having problems logging on to the HRM portal, make sure the data you’re entering on the login screen are correct. Remember that the system is case-sensitive, and also recognizes Polish characters. In our experience, the most common problem is entering the wrong password; in this case, use the “Forgot Password” option and set a new, safe password for your account, especially if you’ve made several unsuccessful attempts to log in. It’s also worth noting which browser you’re using to access the portal, because the data may be unreadable in older versions of Internet Explorer. In that case we recommend upgrading IE, or accessing the site with another browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari. If you’re still having problems after checking all these factors, please contact your LeasingTeam Capital Group Coordinator.

6. Are the data provided on the HRM portal secure ?

The data on the HRM portal are secured by the SSL protocol, which ensures confidentiality in transmission. You can see this in the address bar in your browser, where a padlock icon appears, and the address is preceded by https://. Additionally, the procedure for activating your account is structured so that it increases data security. The user receives an e-mail from the portal allowing them to set their own password for the system, which only they know. Meanwhile, your e-mail address can be changed only by contact with your LeasingTeam Group Coordinator or the Employee Service Department, which provides additional protection against third parties attempting to access your account.

7. How do I set a new password for the system ?

To set a new password, click on the “Forgot Password” button available on the login page, and then proceed according to the instructions. When creating a new password, make sure it is safe, including by having at least six letters, containing a variety of characters (lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and punctuation marks), and is difficult for others to guess. Remember not to keep your password in a place that’s easily accessible to other people.

8. Can I withdraw a leave request ?

Yes, you may cancel a leave request at any time. To do so, select the request from the table of leave requests and click on “Cancel.” If the request has not yet been accepted by your supervisor, it will automatically be given cancelled status. However, if your supervisor has already accepted the request, after the cancellation by the employee, the supervisor is informed of this and will also be able to confirm the cancellation of the request.

9. Does leave have to be accepted by my supervisor ?

Yes, in order to be valid, each leave request must be accepted by your supervisor. In the case of on-demand leave, you need to inform your supervisor by telephone or e-mail about your planned absence from work. After receiving approval of the request, you may be absent.

10. What are the technical requirements to be able to use the HRM ?

The HRM is a browser-based system, which means that in order to use it you have to be connected to the Internet. The portal is accessible using any browser, though for some older versions of Internet Explorer, the data may be unreadable. In that case, you need to update Internet Explorer, or switch to another browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

11. Is the HRM accessible only on a company computer and network ?

The HRM can be accessed from anywhere. For the convenience of workers, contractors and clients, we have ensured that the system is available everywhere on earth. The only requirement is that you have an Internet connection and log on to the system. When you enter the site, in the upper right hand corner you need to click on “HRM Portal,” then you’ll see the login fields for the portal.

12. How do I log out of the system ?

There are two ways to log out of the portal: by clicking on your name in the bar at the top of the screen, which shows a drop-down menu including the option “Log Out,” or clicking on the switch icon under the word “Welcome.”

13. Are the data available in the HRM up to date ?

The data in the HRM are provided in real time, which means that every update of data in the system is immediately visible in the portal.

14. My data in the system are incorrect, how can I change them ?

To change the data shown in the HRM system, contact the Employee Service Department, open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Polish time, at:

• +48 22 460 50 30 (from cell phones or when calling from abroad)

• 801 801 830 (from fixed-line phones; cost is one billing unit regardless of call length) or by sending an e-mail to:

15. What are the “Tasks” visible in the HRM ?

The “Task” tab shows current actions assigned to your supervisor or coordinator, e.g. information about a leave request to be reviewed.