IT Staff Outsourcing and Recruitment

ITLeasingTeam offers flexible working models, which allow clients to increase their IT teams to include additional specialists without having to hire them permanently, as well as the ability to take over a functional area from a client for the purpose of optimizing business effectiveness, increasing quality and managing further development. This allows our clients to engage IT experts for a set time, precisely when they’re needed.


Outsourcing an IT team involves a timely, effective increase in project teams to bring in essential IT competences and solutions, such as:

  •  server administration
  •  supporting IT departments
  •  helpdesk – continuous user support
  •  IT consulting
  •  network administration
  •  architecture, design and testing
  •  business and systems analysis
  •  project management
IT Outsourcing is something more than just the service of managing a company’s IT resources and services. It’s a state-of-the-art method for professional and optimal IT, tailored to the needs of business.