Temporary Work

Temporary work is a flexible solution to the question of employment. It involves finding workers according to the client’s needs; they are employed by LeasingTeam based on the law on temporary work, and then delegated to work in the client company. This is a type of tripartite agreement among the worker, the employer/agency and the final employer (the client).

Temporary work is an ideal solution in these situations:

  • need for a rapid expansion in the workforce due to seasonal demand.
  • need for flexible adjustment of the number of workers to the company’s changing needs
  • inability to increase the number of permanent employees.
  • need to replace workers for a period of illness or other long absence.

Our more than 10 years of experience in providing temporary work services has allowed us to develop a business model that meets the needs of the most demanding clients. We provide services in all industries, everywhere in the country. Each year we delegate almost 10,000 workers to our clients.



Benefits for the employer of implementing temporary work:

  •  fast acquisition of needed workers,
  •  flexible adjustment of headcount to the company’s needs,
  •  treatment of costs of temporary work as a variable cost,
  • easing the burden on the HR department, which can focus on key tasks,
  •  HR/payroll documentation and payments are handled by the employment agency,
  •  additional orders can be filled without the need to create additional positions.