Employee benefits

We’re convinced that our employees’ satisfaction helps determine their health, motivation and effectiveness in the workplace. That’s why we offer our workers and their families access to a rich variety of benefits, on attractive terms.

Private medical care with LuxMed

  •  packages with a broad range of medical services
  •  ability to choose a plan that meets your individual needs
  •  access to more than 1,600 locations around the country
  •  comprehensive medical coverage
  •  high quality of services

Life insurance from PZU

  •  packages with a variety of premium and benefit levels, guaranteeing a broad range of insurance coverage
  •  ability to select a plan tailored to your particular needs
  •  insurance against accidents and illness
  •  24-hour insurance protection, anywhere in the world
  •  attractive premiums for the entire insurance period
  •  fast payment of claims

Access to the MultiSport program from Benefit Systems

  •  choice of membership cards with a range of sports and fitness programs tailored to your needs
  •  easy access to a varied of sports programs
  •  ability to use more than 4,000 sports and recreation facilities in 650 cities and towns in every province of Poland