Recruiting Employees from East

Within the LeasingTeam Capital Group, recruitment of employees from countries to the east of Poland is carried out by Go West & Co. Go West’s mission is to find candidates from Eastern European markets, arrange their legal residency and work authorisation and then delegate them to work with LeasingTeam Group clients.


Clients who use our recruitment of workers from Eastern Europe receive:


  1. Motivated workers

Candidates from Eastern Europe are characterised by high engagement, mobility and availability.


  1. Workers with regulated legal status

The completion of all formalities related to the right to live and work in Poland.


  1. A dedicated team of specialists

Our knowledge of the Eastern European labour market and the Russian and Ukrainian languages ensures very high effectiveness and fast order execution, as well as support for integrating employees into the workplace.



Go West & Co recruits candidates for clients throughout the country, for all industries:

  • production and warehouse workers
  • trade professionals, including electricians and welders
  • low- and mid-level employees