When interview is not enough. Check out recruitment techniques!

Sometimes an ordinary interview is not enough to verify the competences and skills declared by the candidate or predict behavior in the work environment. In such situations, recruiters need to ask for appropriate tests or tasks. Their selection depends, among others from the position level, recruitment standards in force in the company, and time to carry out the recruitment process.

  • Personality tests - allow to determine personality predispositions, e.g. temperament or ability to cope with stressful situations.
  • Intelligence tests - determine the level of general intelligence, i.e. analytical skills, logical thinking, but also understanding social situations.
  • Knowledge tests - they check the substantive knowledge of the candidate related to the scope of duties in a given position, e.g. a person applying for the position for HR and payroll may receive a test of knowledge of labor law.
  • Skill tests - check key skills in a given position, e.g. operating computer programs.
  • Language tests - they verify language skills and can be carried out in writing and / or oral in a place indicated by the employer or online.
  • Numerical tests - are designed to assess the mathematical and analytical skills of the candidate, especially in positions requiring daily work with data.
  • Assessment Center (AC) - this is usually the next stage of the recruitment process to which selected candidates are qualified. AC is a time-consuming process that takes a day or two. During this time, candidates solve individual and group tasks. This technique allows verification of numerous competences and behavior of the candidates.