Work contract

Do you need stability and a feeling of security? That’s what you get from a work contract!

A work contract is the most traditional form of employment, regulated by the Labor Code. This type of contract includes contracts for a probationary period, contracts for a fixed period and contracts for an indefinite period.

What are the advantages of this form of employment?

guaranteed minimum wage – when you’re employed full-time, your gross monthly wage cannot be less than PLN 1,850 (as of 2016)
greater feeling of security – all working conditions are regulated by the Labor Code, which in the case of a contract for an indefinite period of time protects you against unjustified or premature dissolution of the contract
 guarantee of longer vacation time – a work contract ensures you paid vacation of 20 to 26 days a year, depending on how long you’ve been employed.

1. Contract for a probationary period

A probationary period is a time for both parties to make sure they’ve made the right choice. The employer can confirm in practice whether they’ve hired the right person, and the worker can see whether they fit with the company’s organizational culture and the type of work.

2. Contract for a fixed period

A work contract for a fixed period is executed in writing and has its ending date set. Such an agreement helps companies meet current or temporary goals whose ending can be set on a precise date.

3. Contract for an indefinite period

In a work contract for an indefinite period, the date of resolution is not determined. The agreement is made in written form. Such an agreement can be dissolved in three ways: by signing an agreement to dissolve it, by withdrawal or by dissolution without notice.